Upcoming Events
March & April 2023 

Justice-Impacted, Veterans, Homeless & the Underserved

Housing, Employment, Computer Literacy, Financial Literacy classes and past events to educate the underserved, homeless, veteran and justice-impacted community members.  (Click to Review Each Flyer)


Housing - Rental Assistance & Information

Rental, Mortgage & Housing Assistance. Homeownership Options (Click to Review Each Flyer)

Employment Opportunity

Youth Options 14+ Also Available.  (Click to Review Each Flyer)

Computer Literacy (Justice-Focused/Impacted)

Digital Skills Training  (Click to Review Each Flyer)

Credit/Financial Literacy Workshops

Credit/Literacy Training  (Click to Review Each Flyer)

Prior Program/Events

If any of these programs/events interest you, please contact the organizer to get information on any upcoming events sponsored by the organization. (Click to Review Each Flyer)

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